Advanc3D Linear Flange Ball Bearing LMK10LUU Closed Both Sides 30 x 30 mm Flange

Inner diameter 10 mm, outer diameter 19 mm, length 55 mm, flange: 30 x 30 mm, quiet running, LMK10LUU
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Linear ball bearings or linear bearings for short, colloquially also called ball bushings or ball bushings, are special ball bearings with an unusual, because axial (instead of radial) ball circulation. The purpose of this bearing is not (as with all other rolling bearings) to support a rotating element, but to guide the translational, i.e. linear, motion of a machine element along a cylindrical shaft with as little friction as possible. This results in one of several types of a special linear guidance system, the so-called shaft guidance system. A distinction between locating and non-locating bearings, as is common for rolling bearings, is therefore meaningless for linear ball bearings.

Linear ball bearings can compensate for slight unevenness in linear shafts. Nevertheless, we recommend here like to use finely ground shafts to obtain the best possible synchronism.

- Inner diameter 10 mm
- Outside diameter 19 mm
- Length 55 mm
- flange: 30 x 30 mm
- quiet running
Offer package: No
Assembly: Mechanik
Manufacturer: Advanc3D
Manufacturer warranty: None
Manufacturer number: not applicable
Country and region of manufacture: China
Brand: Advanc3D
Modified item: No
Product type: Montage der Stangenhalterung

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