Advanc3D MK8 Extruder Upgrade for Makerbot, CTC and Flashforge right side 1.75mm ABS DIY

- Spring loaded - Integrated filament guide - Fits Nema 17 motors - Feeder wheel included - Semi-high design for replicator clones - Plastic
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MK8 extruder in compact design. This extruder was specially designed to replace the half-height extruders of the Makerbot Replicator 2x. It also fits some machines from CTC, Flashforge, Wanhao and Anet. The extruder is simple and has an integrated filament guide. It is also spring-loaded to always apply sufficient pressure on the filament and guarantee a proper feed. This extruder is available in different versions. There is the Premium model, fully assembled with Push Fit and MK8 steel feed wheel. As well as the DIY model as a kit without PushFit with a simple MK8 brass feed wheel. Both versions are anodized. The DIY version is available in silver and black.

- Spring clamped
- Filament guide integrated
- Suitable for Nema 17 motors
- Feeder wheel included
- Half height design for replicator clones
- Plastic material
Offer package: No
Manufacturer warranty: None
Manufacturer number: not applicable
Country and region of manufacture: China
Modified item: No
Product type: Extruder
Filament diameter: 1.75mm
Manufacturer: Advanc3D
Assembly: Extruder Sets
Brand: Advanc3D
Item weight: 0,04 kg

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