Advanc3D Brass Heating Block For DaVolcano Nozzle Hot Ends Heating Block RepRap 3D Printer

DaVolcano Hot End Heater Block, Brass version for higher temperatures, Compatible with many printers, Easy to use, Only suitable for DaVulcano Nozzles, Filament diameter depends on Nozzle
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DaVolcano Hot End heating block Simply designed heating block. By 2 screws for the heating cartridge (6 mm diameter) is this optimally clamped, so that a good heat transfer can take place. The thermistor can be fixed by a M3 semicircular head screw. This guarantees that the thermistor will not accidentally slip out of the block during operation and provide incorrect reference temperature values.

- Model DaVulcano Hot End Heating Block.
- Brass version for higher temperatures
- Compatible with many printers
- Easy to use
- Only suitable for DaVolcano Nozzles
- Filament diameter depends on Nozzle

Offer package: No
Manufacturer warranty: None
Manufacturer number: not applicable
Country and region of manufacture: China
Modified item: No
Product type: hot end assembly
Manufacturer: Advanc3D
Assembly: Hotend Ersatzteile
Brand: Advanc3D

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