BigTreeTech LCD ControllerScreen Display LCD2004 with 5 buttons for CTC Bizzer, Geeetech i3

- 4 lines
- 20 characters
- 2004A
-5 button
- Reset button
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This LCD Smart Controller is equipped with 5 buttons and a 20 character x 4 line LCD display. The module is easy to connect to the board with the supplied flat cables. With this module, the 3D printer is able to print a G-code stored on the SD card independently, without the need to turn on the computer.

- Display
- 4 lines
- 20 characters
- 2004A
- 5 buttons
- reset button

This component was taken from a printer kit!
It is available as new and as used version.

Assembly: Elektronik
Product type: stepper motor

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