Advanc3D Throat neck screw steel M6x26mm for 1.75mm filament heel with PTFE inliner

Throat for 3D printer, material - stainless steel X 8 CrNiS 18-9, filament diameter - 1.75mm, length - 26mm, heel - with heel, heater block side - M6, cold end side - M6
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The neck screw of your 3D printer provides the optimal heat dissipation from the heating block into the coldend? If your filament often "jams" in the throat, it may be because the processing and heat conduction performance is not optimally matched to your printing process. We have put together feed tubes in different lengths and designs for 1.75mm and 2.85/3.00mm filament for you and our proven quality.

Advanc3D's Premiumthroats are a series of high quality neck screws that will give you a noticeable difference when printing. A high quality feed is like an oiled pipe in the figurative sense - it just flows!
All Advanc3D neck screws are made from the highest quality brass CuZn37, steel X 8 CrNiS 18-9 or titanium Ti-5Al-2.5Sn using the latest technology.

Material: Stainless steel X 8 CrNiS 18-9
Filament diameter: 1.75mm
Length: 26mm
Heel: with heel
Heater block side: M6
Cold end side: M6
Suitability: with PTFE inliner
Offer package: No
Filament diameter: 1.75mm
Manufacturer: Advanc3D
Manufacturer warranty: None
Manufacturer number: not applicable
Country and region of manufacture: China
Brand: Advanc3D
Modified item: No
Product type: hot end assembly
Item weight: 0,01 kg

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