Advanc3D - PETG Filament - 1.75mm - B-Ware

Remaining filament from overproduction. The filament has no roundness defects. These are partial rolls where the nominal weight was not reached. The weight we quote is the minimum net weight of the roll. They are different types of rolls.

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Remaining filament from overproduction. The filament has no roundness defects. These are partial rolls where the nominal weight was not reached. The weight we quote is the minimum net weight of the roll. There are different types of rolls.

Material properties of Advanc3D PETG filament:

  • Advanc3D PETG Filament. High quality for your 3D printer
  • Achieve impressive surfaces with a noble look - Depending on the color or wall thickness
  • Versatile & easy to process
  • Advanc3D PETG filament is easy to process
  • High material quality and optimized spooling of material on each roll

Transparent and colored PETG filaments
With the transparent & colored PETG filament, you get high-gloss and almost completely transparent 3D prints depending on the wall thickness and color. The solid colors offer a vibrant and beautiful surface with a classy high gloss finish.

PETG = PET + Glycol
Advanc3D PETG filament is made of PET treated with glycols. This makes the super PETG filament even clearer, stronger and more durable than filament made from regular PET.

Good layer adhesion & low warping
This PETG filament is characterized by very good adhesion between layers. This and its low warping tendency make it very easy to process. We recommend a print bed temperature of at least 70°C.

3D prints packaging, objects and components in top quality
Without a doubt, Advanc3D PETG is one of the best filaments for your 3D printer. 3D print packaging, objects and components with excellent quality and noble surface. The filament is quality controlled throughout the manufacturing process. So we make sure you get a perfect filament spool with every order. Additively produce objects with excellent quality and noble surface.

3D Print PETG in a Wide Temperature Range
3D print PETG in a very wide temperature range thanks to high material quality and purity of additives. The recommended extruder temperature is between 220 - 250 ° C.

Easy 3D printing with stunning surfaces & material properties.
Buy now the high quality Advanc3D PETG filament at a very good price. Easily realize 3D objects, art objects, design objects and components with stunning surfaces and material properties.

Material data:


Test Method

Typical value

Specific gravity

ISO 1183

1.27 g/cc

MFI 190°C/2.16 kg

ISO 1133

6,4 g/10 min

Tensile strength at elongation

ISO 527

50 MPa

Elongation at stretch

ISO 527


Elongation at break

ISO 527


Modulus of elasticity (E)

ISO 527

2020 MPa

Flexural modulus

ISO 178

2050 MPa

Flexural strength

ISO 178

69 MPa

Impact strength - Charpy method 23°C

ISO 179 1eA

8.1 kJ/m2

Rockwell hardness



Moisture absorption

ISO 62

1104 ppm

Pressure temp.

Internal method


Heat deflection temp.

ASTM 648



ASTM D1003


Additional information:
Low hygroscopic, printable without drying, but drying improves print performance. Recommended
The temperature for the heating bed is ≥70°C. Adhesion is possible on various surfaces. PET-G can be used on all standard desktop 3D printers with FDM or FFF technology.
Storage: Cool and dry (15-25°C) and protected from UV light. This prolongs the shelf life considerably.

When printing PETG, it is mandatory to apply a "sacrificial layer" sacrificial layer. PETG has enormous adhesive forces and can damage many print surfaces. We strongly recommend applying a sacrificial layer before printing using an adhesive stick. The sacrificial layer does not reduce adhesion, but allows the component to be released easily after cooling.


Roll specification 956g = you pay only for 900g
Roll specification 635g = you pay
only for 600g

Offer package: No
Number of units: 1
Description of package contents: B-Ware
Width: 21cm
Color: red
Fiber diameter: 1,75 mm
Filament Ø: 1,75mm
Filament diameter: 1,75mm
Weight: 0,9kg
Manufacturer: Advanc3D
Manufacturer number: 137192-084
Country and region of manufacture: Netherlands
Height: 7cm
Length: 21cm
Brand: Advanc3D
Unit of measurement: kg
Material: PETG
Model compatibility: Universal
Product type: Filament
Condition: B-Ware
Item weight: 1,00 kg
Content: 1.000,00 g

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